War of Rights Interview

War of Rights Interview

We got an nice little interview here with the developers of the first person multiplayer historical shooter War of Rights, a game in which it wants to be as authentic and realistic as possible, but still having the fun part of being a game, recreating the American Civil War, in the Maryland Campaign of September, 1862. A great looking title and we had a few questions to ask.

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GPCF: What’s your studio’s history (no pun intended) on how it came to be in relation to War of Rights?

Campfire Games: Campfire Games was founded about three years ago. We had been discussing general gameplay design ideas a long time before that and I have had this dream in the back of my head to create an American Civil War game for ages since I’ve always been fascinated with the conflict. We felt tired of all the modern first person shooters out there which saturated the market, and still do.

GPCF: What are you hoping for when people finally get to play and experience your game? Do you think they’ll go and play how you envisioned it or play it like those fast paced shooters like COD or Battlefield.

Campfire Games: The sheer scale of our levels compared with the slow reload speeds ensure it’ll be extremely difficult to play it like a game such as COD. We’re very unforgiving in terms of weapon sway when out of breath as well which again empathizes that something like a charge is only to be done at the most dire of situations. We hope the players quickly will adapt to the gameplay centric idea of them working together in regiments with added morale boosts, a chain of command system and a spawn system specifically tailored to support group play.

GPCF: Now the idea of historical battles in first person games aren’t anything new, so the question is, how is the game any different to those like it?

Campfire Games: There isn’t a historical authentic “Civil War” FPS online game out there so we’re in a relative unique position.

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GPCF: It’s a multiplayer game and we know this, but with a good amount of multiplayer-focused games, the game dies and becomes obsolete if it doesn’t have bots. How’ll you tackle this issue, or, will you have bots?

Campfire Games: We have no plans for bot support, no. We have long terms plans regarding continuous support of the game, expanding it with new campaign, units & army branches so we hope that’ll keep it fresh and keep attracting new players also.

GPCF:  How authentic and realistic are you guys going for in relation to how fun it’ll be? Arma 3 is pretty realistic/fun and that’s great, but sometimes it’s just too much or some aspects were handled poorly to make for complete enjoyment.

Campfire Games: Gameplay versus authenticity is a fine line indeed. It is one that will be worked on and changed quite a bit when we open up for the first early play tests I’m sure. One thing for instance, is our in-game HUD order symbols like a visual line and direction on the ground when players are ordered to form a line by their officer. This has got nothing to do with real life, however it is needed in a game where your situational awareness is so much worse.

GPCF: Again, we know it’s a multiplayer game, but any hopes of having a singleplayer, story-driven campaign? Or at least playing solo with bots?

Campfire Games: We would like to create singleplayer narrated battlefield tours where you learn about the various details of the fighting that took place as well as having some interactive flashbacks but that is quite a ways away still – it’s part of our upcoming stretch goals actually.

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GPCF: Will we see historical characters in that period of time, like actual historical commanders or soldiers?

Campfire Games: Yes! We’ve just opened up for a limited Secretary of War pledge tier on Kickstarter that will include two playable corps commanders, Joseph “Fighting Joe” Hooker and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

GPCF:  three in one question: For some reason, arcade-non-realistic mode? Third person? 2+ coop mode?

Campfire Games: No to all three of them. We want an as authentic game as possible.

GPCF: Will guys make more historical war games if this one is a success, that’s of other countries and wars?

Campfire Games:  Most certainly. Right now we’re 100% focused on War of Rights and will be for the next many years if things go as we plan.

GPCF:  Lastly, what kind of support we’ll get after War of Rights eventually comes out?

Campfire Games: We’d love to expand the game with more uniform variations, weapons and whole different campaigns.

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And that concludes the interview. The game is trying to be as authentic and realistic as possible while still making it fun with nice mechanics and early play tests. Sad that there won’t be bots for offline play, but great that we might get a single-player campaign if the funding is acquired.

For more information about the game, check out its’ Kickstarter page here.

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