The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Official Gameplay Trailer released

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Official Gameplay Trailer released

We got an official new Witcher 3 gameplay trailer, directly from an email, here’s all the info they provided us. The gameplay looks absolutely stunning.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you become Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer for hire. You take on the greatest contract of your life — tracking down the Child of Prophecy, a living weapon that can alter the shape of the world. Your journey will take you across the Northern Realms, a vast continent filled with merchant cities, mysterious islands, dangerous mountain passes, and forgotten caverns to explore. Hundreds of armor and weapon upgrades await you, with lethal sword and magic skills at your disposal.

The world of The Witcher just begs to be explored — welcome to the most realistic and personal fantasy of our times!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is set to be released on the 19th of May, 2015.

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