The Lost Pisces is Live On Kickstarter & Looks Awesome

The Lost Pisces is Live On Kickstarter & Looks Awesome

The Lost Pisces is an interesting game. It’s a third-person action adventure RPG and it’s live on Kickstarter. The story of it is a re-imagining of Little Mermaid, but what they’re pitching hard is the how the AI is reacting and learning from looking at your expressions through the use of Microsoft’s KINECT. They’d call it a “KINECT-based AI”.

We might have missed this one, or even not give it a chance because of an uneasy feeling of how big the potential it has, standing on the line of community funding, but we couldn’t overlook it after checking out the work and assets the developers have presented. The world they’ve created amazing, the design of the characters and creatures are extremely alluring. If they’d make the gameplay fun and immersive, while polishing up their art and design, then we’ve got an amazing game in the near future.

For more information about the game, check out its Kickstarter campaign here.

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