Technobabylon Release Date Announced & Launch Trailer Released

Technobabylon Release Date Announced & Launch Trailer Released

Technobabylon, a cyberpunk point and click pixelated adventure game adventure developed by Technocrat and Wadjet Eye Games, just got a release date which is 21st of May 2015. Alongside this news is a launch trailer.

Also, let’s take a moment and appreciate how good the producers of this game is handling pre-order bonuses and what is offered, compared to bad ones that would for example remove content from the main game. What you’ll get if you pre-order Technobabylon:

  • Digital soundtrack — an hour of cyberpunk tunes composed by Gemini Rue’s Nathan Allen Pinard
  • Behind-the-scenes video of voiceover recording sessions
  • Production art gallery including concept art, 3D models, full-size character portraits, and more
  • The Technobabylon Codex — PDF booklet providing backstory and context for the game’s vast cyberpunk world
  • Exclusive desktop wallpaper
  • DRM-free game download or Steam key

The game is coming out on the 21th of May 2015 for the PC. For more info about the game, go here.

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