Technobabylon Introduced A New Character, Welcome Max Lao

Technobabylon Introduced A New Character, Welcome Max Lao

Technobabylon, a pixelated point and click adventure game, published by Wadjet Eye Games who brought us the Blackwell Series, is coming out this May in 2015. With the game releasing soon, they published a new trailer showcasing one of the game’s characters, Max Lao.

Max Lao, is a tech-savvy CEL case officer who’s very much a product of this society. After spending years on the wrong side of the law, she joined CEL to forget her criminal past. Now she’s being asked to apprehend her best friend and partner. Torn between two loyalties, she needs to make a choice — should she side with her friend, or with the justice system that gave her a second chance?

For more info on the character and the game, go here.

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