STASIS Just Came Out, and It’s Good!

STASIS Just Came Out, and It’s Good!

STASIS, a top-down horror/thriller point-and-click adventure game with a lovely isometric perspective just launched on PC today, and with it comes a launch trailer.

We do have code for the game but we’re unsure if we’ll have a review for it or not, but just in-case let me tell you that the game is worth checking out and most likely worth the purchase from the small amount of time I’ve played with it.

It has a high presentation quality, and overall great level design and graphical detail with an amazing atmosphere, alongside great voice acting and a damn lovely soundtrack. Don’t know if the overall game is a solid buy-now kind of game, but if I had played to the point where I had stopped, I would’ve bought the game after that.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here or here.

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