Stargate Network Prototype Preview ( The Game )

Stargate Network Prototype Preview ( The Game )

Stargate Network is a fan’s dream come true, a wet dream you could say, and it’s absolutely lovely. It’s a multiplayer online role-playing game (MORPG) that’s completely based on the Stargate movie(s) and TV shows/series, on the whole universe of Stargate, that’s being developed by fans of that universe, for free, for themselves, and for other fans to play, whether a fan or not, it’s looking to be a great game.


The look of the game (the whole game actually) is satisfying, with a huge amount of attention to detail, replicating everything down to the last detail, down to the coffee the cast drinks. Same thing for the animations, graphical effects, sound effects, the soundtrack, and hopefully in the future they nail the feeling of being an SG explorer.

Also, believe me when I tell you how satisfying it is to go up front and check out everything you want, on any side and taking as much time as you want, memorising the code sequence and pushing the correct chevrons onto the computer / dashboard, seeing the Stargate reacting to what you’re doing, and then going through it, coming out on the other end. It’s an absolute joy.

The current state of the game, the build that I played, is the 2.X demo build prototype that’s using the Unreal Engine 3, and the developers have stopped working on that version. Instead, they’re now developing the 3.X using the Unreal Engine 4, and will continue to develop and expand on it, to the vision they have for the game, which I can’t wait to check out and play.

If you happen to try it out, you can see the controls on the site, in the ‘tutorial’ section, with other info as well. You can also watch the gameplay preview up there with the correct sequence, and if you’re using the Qwerty type keyboard, which you can choose in the option settings in the launcher, the code sequence to go to the other planet is: V U D . ] M A

Good luck to the great team behind the Stargate Network project, and I hope you continue to turn your passion into awesome playable work and world to explore. You guys/gals are making dreams come true to a lot of people, of old and young ages, and will thank with all of their gratitude upon playing and experiencing the game. We are.


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