Star Wars: Battlefront Leaked Info. Closed Alpha, New 40-Player Game Mode & AI Controlled AT-AT

Star Wars: Battlefront Leaked Info. Closed Alpha, New 40-Player Game Mode & AI Controlled AT-AT

I got in contact with an insider who got to play EA’s upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront, and we got some nice or not so nice info from his play session. I couldn’t get a screenshot or an unreleased asset from the game to back this leak, so take it however you want. Keep in mind that things might drastically change nearing release as these pieces of info are coming from a really early build of the game.

The first piece of info is that a closed alpha test was held right after the game’s second reveal at the Star Wars celebration event. That closed alpha test was only for a handful of select EA employees, and was running for a week. Seeing how the closed alpha test had taken place on that time, then I’m assuming a public alpha test will be held in Q3 2015 if they decided to have one, and a public beta test a month before the game’s release.

The map that was played on was the same one shown in the latest trailer, the Forest Moon of Endor. The server held 40 of the testers, 20 players vs 20 players in a new game mode that we can’t say what it’s called as the insider didn’t much care about it (I’d nickname it Rushed Conquest),  but here’s how this mode plays out..

The game mode sets the map in a vertical look, with one team spawning at the bottom, and the other team spawning at the top. There’s 5 capture points in total (think conquest) where there’s two areas to capture on the bottom side of the map, another two on the top side, and one in the middle.

The objective to win the match is to either capture all five areas/points or have the most areas captured before the timer runs out. The restriction in this game mode is that you can’t capture an area without capturing all the areas before it. So for example you can capture area number 3 without having controlled area number 1 and 2.

Now if one of the teams managed to capture the middle point/area, then a AI controlled (aka not player controlled) AT-AT will spawn and will start advancing and attacking from the middle capture point towards the remaining enemy captured areas.

That’s all the info we managed to get, and again I don’t have any proof to legitimize the leak, but I thought I’d share it.


  • LuckyDemolish
    May 15, 2015 @ 23:09 pm

    the gamemode is pretty much chainlink from BF4, with the added rules of:
    1. Start the link from your first capture point.
    2. The team that captures all the points first/ has the most at the end wins.

  • Battlefieldvince
    May 19, 2015 @ 19:56 pm

    Not exactly like chain link. I’m BF4 chain link you can flank and break chains. From what OP stated, one team requires flags 1,2 before being able to cap 3. Thus, no flanking potential.


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