Squad, a game from Project Reality devs on Greenlight

Squad, a game from Project Reality devs on Greenlight

Squad is an upcoming modern tactical-shooter from the team of developer’s behind the widely successful (and awesome) Battlefield 2 mod, Project Reality.  Today they released their Steam Greenlight page along with a trailer showing off some gameplay.  On release the game will feature combat scenarios with 100 player servers in a highly tactical setting. The game looks visually stunning as it’s being developed on Unreal 4. Given the success of Project Reality and the level of detail put into, there is a good feeling this game could be something great.

If you’d think this is a game you’d enjoy, why not go ahead and vote for their page?

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Official Press Release

Squad is off to conquer the world, mount up and join us on the journey. Taking on a genre that hasn’t seen a new entrant in many years is worth the risk of putting our own years’ worth of wealth and time into, so decided an upstart indie dev house born from the Project Reality mod team and some industry veterans who played the mod for too many years to not throw their hat in the rink when given the chance.

One horseman does not raise a dust cloud “ – ancient Pashto proverb

We’re now going to prove to the world that massive multiplayer FPS games can’t be designed by focus groups and corporate accounting departments. Help us spread the word and make Squad a reality, join us in reviving a genre that was ossifying in place with rehashed serial sequels that continuously taxed old engines or casualized gameplay features to maintain corporate profit margins at the expense of out of the box smooth gameplay and long term replayability. Help us bring the joy of modding a large scale online tactical FPS to the next generation of modders!

Modding is a declining trend “ – not an ancient Pashto proverb

Squad will do it right. With Unreal Engine 4 as our base, we have the cutting edge, free to mod, continuously supported and rapidly developing engine that our team of over 25 guys developing the game enjoy working with, in the game genre they love, with guys they’ve known for years, and on their own terms without outside investors and publishers pulling any of the strings. We went full bore into this game and we’re not stopping until we have Squad to the point where we can spend an entire weekend playing online if we have enough caffeine to maintain the marathon. Even our caffeine will not be obtained through a sponsorship. OK wait, management just informed the marketing department that maybe if they send really good caffeine we’ll have a caffeine sponsor.

One mountain does not go to aid another but man does to fellow man “ – ancient Pashto proverb

The question today, Can we get this message out to the world? A major step is to get Squad through Greenlight, so today we’re asking for your help to spread the word throughout the FPS gaming world, be it through your media website, clans, friends, social media, youtube and livestreaming channels, and possibly skywriting biplanes.

Destiny is a saddled ass, he goes wherever you lead him “ – ancient Pashto proverb

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