SOMA Is Now In Beta With New Screenshots Released

SOMA Is Now In Beta With New Screenshots Released

Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent just announced that their latest game that’s in production called SOMA is now in beta stage. What this means is that the game is feature and content complete, with only testing and tweaking, alongside beta testing and getting feedback is left until they decide for the official release of the game, and that release is getting closer.

After much blood, sweat and tears we can now inform you all that SOMA is finally in the Beta stage! This is a huge thing for us and easily the biggest milestone prior to the actual release of the game.


Now that Beta is done, our next deadline is Release. Before we can announce that we have to wait for the Beta feedback to come in and then make plans for our remaining time. The time when SOMA is finally out is really close now, though, and we’ll let you all know a date in the near future!

Along side the announcement, they release two new screenshots, one showing off the main menu of the game, and another one showing off the main character holding a device where he or she is in a room that doesn’t look like a good place to be in



And who doesn’t like game art?


For more info about SOMA and this announcement, go here.

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