Silent Hills P.T. Inspired Game Allison Road Gets 13 Minutes of Gameplay in Its Prototype Stage

Silent Hills P.T. Inspired Game Allison Road Gets 13 Minutes of Gameplay in Its Prototype Stage

Alison Road, a game that’s heavy inspired by Silent Hills’ playable teaser demo P.T. just got a 13 minute prototype gameplay video to showcase where the game is headed, and it looks like fantastic. Also there’s a nice little nod to the P.T. demo in that video.

It’s worth noting that while everything you saw is actual gameplay footage of the game, that slice of gameplay video won’t appear in the full game. It was only made to showcase Alison Road and avoiding spoilers.

For more information about the game, check out its Facebook page here.


  • Irion Da Ronin
    Jul 1, 2015 @ 17:08 pm

    Impressive work! Seems cool.
    We will look forward this, thanks 🙂

  • jinxthemarauder
    Jul 2, 2015 @ 2:47 am

    I want to love this project because it could be the first game to fully realize what Silent Hills could have been, but Alison Road so far seems to fall short of it’s own potential. My main concern is the somewhat too on the nose wall writing in the bathroom with the words “SIN. DEATH.” All that did was lower itself to a place of infantile aspirations with the hopes of frightening the player by writing the most non threatening, basic threads of intent without any style whatsoever, so I hope that gets changed later into development into something with a more clever delivery. The only reason it bothers me in the first place is because the game looks so beautiful and well done, so to see a project that delivery so well visually, it’s a real shame when I sense lackluster writing.

    And it isn’t just the SIN DEATH of it all that has me worried. The blaintant usage of “Dad was such a drag” written on the back of the magazine that was lifted verbatim from P.T. is off putting in this way that maybe was meant to pay homage to P.T., but subsequently leaves one wanting Silent Hills to still be in the cards instead.

    “Alison Road” is a project with amazing potential, and a lot of people, including me, will have their eyes looking forward to see how it turns out with a deep longing and wild anticipation to actually have a game that could deliver the payoff Konami swept out from under our feet.


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