Shardlight Announced. Trailer Released

Shardlight Announced. Trailer Released

Another day another new great point and click adventure game from Wadjet Eye called Shardlight, and the gist of it is that you gonna die in this destroyed world, but you want to survive by finding a cure. Sounds interesting but don’t know how exciting it will be compared to their previous releases.

The world ended on the day the bombs fell. Since then, it’s always been like this: disease, hunger, death. The ruling Aristocrats — a faceless oligarchy that controls all resources — have unchallenged authority. There’s never enough food, water, or vaccine to go around. The rich receive regular doses of vaccinations in exchange for their unconditional government support. The poor live in fear, superstition, and squalor until they die.
Amy Wellard, a young woman reluctantly working for the government to qualify for the vaccine lottery, believes there’s a cure — and she’s going to find it. Even if it costs her her life.
It’s releasing for the PC spring 2016.

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