Review: Toren

Review: Toren

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Toren is a charming adventure game where you play as the Moon Child, one that is sent to overcome challenges and grow to become a strong knight, as your whole journey is to climb a powerful magical tower constructed by man and its keeper is a mage, that tower is called Toren.

The whole game is focused on the story which is basic and generic if you strip it down, where your the hope that will destroy evil, but makes that story more more interesting and compelling with it’s other main focus, and that is its main character and her journey, failing but then succeeding, to rid the evil of this world, which is represent as a dragon.

Toren Screenshot 7 (Dec 2014)

The story that’s being told is one of delightful dark fantasy, one that kept me interested on how it will turn out because of how simple its direction was. It’s not amazing, but it is a worth a giving it a listening ear. It’s a memorable story.

There’s a handful of characters aside from the main one that you’ll get to meet, in-fact you can count them in your hand, but the point that should be talk about is are they good characters? The answer is yes only because of their story and some of their actions, but not their personality.

Toren Screenshot 3 (Aug 2014)

There’s no denying that the game’s look in terms of design and art style is top-notch, look at the art work and models designs they look great! The sound effects and more so the soundtrack for the game is also great, especially the ending credit song.

So while the the art-style, the structure of the world, the music and the story are great, the game takes a strong hit on its quality design that’s effecting the whole experience of the game, where not a moment is gone without noticing how not well made the game is, which includes the gameplay as the controls are sluggish that as a result makes the platformer not good either, and completing a few tasks is a chore.

Toren Screenshot 5 (Dec 2014)

The production quality is extremely low, but the story, the music, the charm of the main character and her adventure in this interesting world keeps the game afloat, along side it’s art-style which really should be given a lot of attention to. There are around 2 cutscenes in the game, which shows amazing animated art, it’s so beautiful and impressive that I wish they made a game based on that graphic / art style alone.

But overall the good parts of Toren outweighs its bad ones, plus having it at a low price point definitely helps, and because of it I’d no doubt recommend it but only if you have tolerance for low quality gameplay designs.

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