Review: The Charnel House Trilogy

Review: The Charnel House Trilogy

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The Charnel House Trilogy is a point and click pixelated adventure game that caught my attention because of how it looked, the design and quality is similar to what’s been coming out in the past couple of years, but is the visuals the only thing it has to offer? Far from it.

The story of the game is your journey to Augur Peak, going there in the middle of the night ridding in a train that would change, explain, confuse and reveal everything to the main character that you play as, Alex, a young charming woman with a troubling life.

Along your fateful journey you meet all sorts of interesting characters from who knows when or where, and each of those characters have their own story to tell but all of them come back connecting to the main character, and to the destination Augur Peak.


The gameplay is like any other point and click of recent years, click on anything that is of interest, one that you can interact with, and the character you play as would then give her / his thoughts on the interacted object or person. Collect items whenever you think you can or need so that it can be used to solve a problem / issue later on, which aren’t that difficult and mainly goes with the flow of the game.


The game is rightfully creepy, the story is mysterious and grabs your interest and attention in the first five minutes of playing it. The story progresses as I’m in a fateful train, keeping me intrigued as more characters appear and nicely written dialogue backing it up. After entering the train I found myself playing as a different character, one with a.. somewhat confusing but still understandable and nice end.

As I walk through the hallway of the shadow of death in the train Playing as the first main character again, exploring and progressing through the game in the train and meeting yet new and old unexpected characters, revealing twists and turns throughout the end of the game. Speaking of the ending, it’s a great one as it left me hanging and excited to see and play the sequel, and it did it in a common sense and satisfying way.


The Charnel House Trilogy is a fine piece of point and click adventure game, one that looks great, plays good, and sounds wonderful, a game that I’d rank up high along side games like Blackwell Epiphany, but what I really loved about the game, aside from the soundtrack, is how dark and twisted it is, and how it has the balls to be dark and give dialogue that we barely see in other games, if there is any with such dialogue. It is a short game but a damn interesting and entertaining one, and gave me an experience that I I’ll never forget any time soon. After playing this game, I can’t wait to see what comes up next in 2016.

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