Review: Technobabylon

Review: Technobabylon

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Technobabylon, a point and click cyberpunk adventure game set in the year 2087. Brought to you by the developers who made Gemini Rue and Blackwell. In the world of Technobabylon Genetic engineering is now considered a normal action and activity to take part in, and an extremely advanced omnipresent artificial intelligence is governing the city you’ll be playing in.

You’ll be playing as Latha Sesame who’s a jobless internet-junkie Trance addict that gets targeted for assassination, a CEL agent named Charlie Regis who gets blackmailed, and his partner agent Max Lao which will have to make a choice when she’s given the mission to apprehend Charlie.


The visuals of the game is of top pixelated quality like any of the developers’ games, but this time around the theme is futuristic, giving great visuals of high tech constructions but still keeping some natural assets to the world, keeping the game’s environments feel cozy and warm.

The soundtrack the game presents from the main menu up until you finish the game is a pleasant to hear, sounding like an electronic melody trying to grasp natural soothing sounds, fitting the games atmosphere perfectly.


Again praising the developers with their productions in the story aspect of the game. The setting and the dialogue that comes from it is really interesting as they talk about all the tech that they have at their disposal, which look realistically achievable in our lifetime. The main story itself is also great from the start till the end, and as you near the ending it gets more intense and interesting, with a great conclusion and a good tease.

The game is like of a normal point and click game with easy to use controls and UI. The puzzles are simple enough and logical, although somewhat complicated as you encounter new technologies and objects to interact with that you don’t have in real life for reference, so studying what these new items do is somewhat of a necessary to progress nicely in solving these puzzles.

What’s also worth mentioning is that you’ll be playing as a whole bunch of interesting unique characters throughout the game, not limited to just one but three. All of them have their own interesting personalities and specialties that would be used to progress through the game.


Technobabylon is definitely another game in Wadjet Eye Games’ collection of amazing point and click adventure games, with a great cast of characters, a satisfying story and an alluring futuristic themed world.

The game definitely gets a green-light if not a golden one from me as I without a doubt recommend getting it and enjoy playing it through and through. The game is out now for the PC at a price point of , and it’s worth it.

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