Review: Sunset

Review: Sunset

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Sunset is a first person story driven narrative-focused game where you play not as a not as a hero like in most games, but as a bystander who is seeing those heroes and main characters going on their adventure achieving their goal, while you wait for them to return and hear their story.

You play as a housekeeper in a world that’s set in a fictional South American city. You’re cleaning a man’s luxurious house in a weekly bases for 1 hour only throughout a year in the early 1970’s. You have your duties to do that the client gives you, but this gives you the opportunity to explore the house and check out what your client is doing, checking out his life and his action, and possibly increase your interaction with him.


The story that it tells is an interesting one, not the story itself but how it’s presented to you as someone who’s standing on the outskirts of everything that’s happening where you’re no where near the core of the action or the ones who’s in it.

As you take care of the house of one of those in action, you’ll go on doing your duties by taking care of the house, and while you do so you’ll learn more about its owner and what he’s doing in relation to what’s happening outside. Sometimes you can take small actions to make a big differences.


The graphics and art-style is enjoyable to look at, as it takes the cozy look of the time period it’s set in and putting a museum of art and class on top of that look. While it did look weird to me having both a warm look mixed with high quality designs, the outside lighting, sounds and the whole environment of it helped make the house feel more nice to be in.

Speaking of music, there’s a selection of them that you’d manually play in the game, and the type of music that is selected represents the taste of your client which is of high class opera. Whether you like the music or not, which I liked, it does increase the immersion level of giving the world and characters more believable, and at points these songs would an element of impactful decisions.


The main big point of the game is its character and her position, as the perspective of a side character really gave me an interesting look and understanding of what it would feel like to play as a bystander in these big stories.

The cons of the game is a small but noticeable low graphics quality, a few non-directed goals that you have to achieve where elements in the game prevent you from completing these goals, like having a hard time telling where to go or knowing if you can interact with something or not, and while the replay value of the game is on a medium level seeing as how you can change your actions to have different story results, that’s only if you have enough interest to see it, and I did not.

Overall the game is good and interesting, one that I’d recommend to check it out, but at a price point 25% less than what the game is worth. The looks is nice, the story and characters along side your position is great, but Sunset would appeal to a small group of people with an interest on trying out and seeing different perspectives and hearing that kind of story, and wouldn’t mind the boredom that comes along and is part of the experience.

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