Review: Submerged

Review: Submerged

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Submerged is a third person non-combat adventure exploration game, where you play as the big sister that’s with her little brother that’s injured, on a boat that arrived at a submerged city.

The story that’s presented is you as the big sister are scavenging the flooded city, sailing from one building to another trying to find the resources that you need to help heal and lessen the pain of your little brother.

Along your exploration to find medicines you’ll come across various animals of the sea which are muted by some kind of infection, alongside humanoid creatures who also seem to have the same infection.

The game is simply a beautiful and lively. The level of the design and the general look of the game is like a mix between The Last of Us’ theme in terms of a ruined city, and the open sea-filled world of The Wind Wake. Plus, it has its own unique look and charm with its great atmosphere, animations and design.

Submerged (2)

The gameplay is a mix of a smoother and more fluid version of : Wind Waker in terms of boat riding, and a more realistic yet clunkier walking and climbing controls of : Assassin’s Creed. The general controls does its job, but it could have definitely used a bit more work and polish.

But the exploration using the boat and climbing buildings to reach to the top and finding story elements along the way is a fun relaxing experience.

Submerged (3)

The game is a beautiful looker and presents a relaxing & enjoyable experience that’s moving at its own speed yet in-sync with your own. The story is simple and neat but that’s about it. There are some emotions boiling up near the end, but even then it wasn’t that captivating. Although there are some technical quality control that brings the game down from, giving players full relaxing and enjoyable experience, I can’t deny that its charming and it gave me a good chuck of that full experience.

It’s a shame too that you can’t climb any of the super tall buildings. Also, I think 20$ is a bit too high for this game and a good sale to make it 15$ would be the perfect price range to get it. For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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