Review: SOMA

Review: SOMA

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From the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and this time from the actual developers and not another one, comes SOMA, a first person sci-fi adventure horror/thriller game set deep under the Atlantic ocean, where you try to survive a world that will make you question your own existence.

Now you’d think that this will be the next scary game after the huge mark that the first Amnesia game left, but you won’t get the that same horror in the sense that you’re scared of playing the game, instead you’ll get a very plausible story that might make you think of a discomforting and scary future.

The game’s graphics are good, not great. Although the atmosphere wasn’t as heavy compared to other games (even the ol’ Amnesia), I kind of respect it for giving it a realistic feel if everything went to shit underwater. Although what the game does right is having great sound effects alongside great voice acting with a lot of emotion in them.

The gameplay is simple with its controls and progression. The few puzzles that it has aren’t hard at all, and some of them were mostly a process of going back and forth search for items you needed in order to progress through the game. I didn’t like it but continue to approach it as a thing that I had to just get it over with.

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The game’s adventure and story is what makes it so damn good. The setup, the confusion, the decisions that you had to make and the things that you had to go through in-order to progress and continue on, the results and just the thoughts of it connected you with the character and the world that I felt scared from playing such a character in this world.

The story itself with its characters that are in it and their interaction and dialogue with each other on the events that are taking place are great, especially when you’re nearing the ending and the ending itself is extremely thought provoking.


The bad bits about the game is actually its horror elements that try to right then and there scare you, that being the monsters that chase you / try to find you, as when you look at them the game does this annoying effect which looks like what Amnesia had put on steroids. Another annoying thing is that when you’re hit/caught by the monster then you just re-spawn, but with what it feels like a broken leg, making your movement sloppy and it’s just an un-needed effect.

soma (3)

I was expecting a great horror game that would make me scared to even want to play it, like what Amnesia did, I didn’t get that which was a little disappointing, but what I did get instead was an amazing, terrifying setting and story with a great adventure that has great characters, one that made me think of how this can very will happen in real life and makes me wonder if I and/or the whole world will accept. SOMA is a masterpiece in the story that it tells and the adventure that it provides, but not in the scary-game department that we come to know the team for.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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