Review: Satellite Reign

Review: Satellite Reign

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Satellite Reign is a surprising delight to play. A top-down stealth strategy game that’s class-based and plays out in real-time, set in a cyberpunk open-world city where you take command of four agents that look cool going about the raining city filled with a lot of neon lights. Heck the characters you controls are neoned up, and I like neons so that’s a major plus.

The story of the world is that mega-corporations  set the law as they see fit, and so with your team you set out to do whatever it takes to go to the top, to the most powerful of cheeses and take that power and have the monopoly to yourself. By doing whatever it takes meaning to sneak around, kill, steal, bribe and destroy with the utmost elegance as possible, and by elegance I mean trying not to die too much.

Also I’d like to mention that I didn’t finish the game but sunk in enough hours to give it my thoughts. So I didn’t complete the game, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

The first thing I saw is one of the most awesome things about the game and that is the visuals. It’s cyberpunk themed, in the night with all the neon light you can get, in a city that’s modeled to be a work of art with an atmosphere that you can inhale and get high on.

Even where you’re not doing anything, just looking at the city and listening to the wonderful fitting soundtrack to go along with it, would be a good entertainment session to last you for quite some time.

Satellite Reign 1

Moving from the looks and sounds of the game to the gameplay, I’d say it’s probably the most strategical open world top-down stealth focused shooter I’ve ever played. Now let me say why.

Top-down open world. Now that’s not completely new but it’s hasn’t been used in this type of game in a long time. The complex and in-depth city design in a way to give you multiple paths and hidden passages to use to your advantage when approaching a mission. Put the open world part with the complex city, both of which compliment missions in a way that gives you a lot of freedom to how you play.

The stealth part of the game isn’t stupid, meaning that you won’t easily move in-front of an enemy when you’re only 10 meters away from them. They’ll spot you from a fairly long distance like, you know, in real life.

The shooting and commanding your units which you can customize to your liking and each one of them specialize in certain skills, that you have to know where to optimally position them at and know what skills to learn and what weapons to use. You can also separate them and have them in different locations if need be in-order to finish a mission as smooth as possible.

Satellite Reign 4


Overall all I think the game is as solid as it can be aside from the probability that it requires a lot of learning to really be great at the game, and there being AI issues. There’s a lot more to the game’s gameplay mechanic and the world itself that I didn’t talk about but believe me they are greatly constructed and finely tuned. Satellite Reign is an amazingly constructed strategy game that takes a good amount of time to get your grips into, but that time is well worth it.

If there’s anything that I’d like in the game to make it better is to have a friendlier system to get to know the game’s in-depth mechanics, and a more fluently told story.

For more information about the game, check out its website here.

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