Review: Rocket League

Review: Rocket League

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Rocket League is a game that I’ll tell you right now to go buy it and play it if you:

1. Enjoy awesome arcade racing.
2. Enjoy cars & car cosmetic customization.
3. Enjoy playing with a huge ball

There’s much more, but those are the basic reasons of why you’d want to play and enjoy playing the game, and by no means is this like other football games like FIFA, because huge balls and cars. It’s a sequel to the physics-based multiplayer focused football meets driving Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars! I haven’t played, but I wish I did after playing RL.

Everything I have to say about RL is positive. The graphics are colorful with a lot of awesome effects to add to the fun engagement and exciting competition. What caught my eye the second I opened the game and started playing is how you can see every single piece of grass on the ground, and it looks wondrous.

Aside from the nice looking grass is nicer looking and immersive field that span from an exciting football-like dome arena to an open field with futuristic-looking buildings surround the area. The sounds and the special effects brings the game to life.

Rocket League (1)

Now, aside from how it looks which is fantastic, how it plays is on the same level of greatness as the controls feel tight, the physics feels awesome and the overall driving and traversing, all the while trying to hit the ball is just right.

Play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or the chaotic 4v4 with and against other people in a competition to who can score more. Online or offline, and even split-screen if you want. There’s no improvements or extra you can add that will affect your performance against other players, the game is fair and everyone is on the same playing field, which is great! The only thing you can change is the car or its appearance. I’d say this is the most competitive football game of all time because of how basic and simple it is. Rather than football though, I guess its wheel ball.

Rocket League (2)

Rocket League reminds me of when I had a lot of fun playing awesome arcade games on the PS1 and PS2, and a game that reminds of me those joyous times in this day and age is a golden game in my book. Also, thumbs up to the developers to have DualShock 4 controller support.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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