Review: Red Goddess: Inner World

Review: Red Goddess: Inner World

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An action adventure platformer where you play as the daughter of king and queen that held the balance of the universe, until they died because of *spoiler* and you forget your memories. So you start your journey in Red Goddess: Inner World from there and adventure on as you regain your memories and powers.

It’s like your average platformer and arguably one of the hard ones, but the unique aspect about it is that you can transform into one of your two major feelings as a different form. Rage form which is colored red, and the Fear form which is colored blue. Each of which have their own unique of enemies they can attack and have maximum damage upon, and is used to destroy certain objects in the game. As you progress you’ll unlock more abilities to those forms, and more platforming abilities too.

Starting off with the visuals, the art style and graphical effects are really warm and pretty looking. Viberent colors fill the game which makes it enjoyable to look at.

The soundtrack for the game is nice to listen to but nothing amazing. Good nonetheless and fitting for the game.

red goddess3

The gameplay in terms of platforming is good but not great. At points I’d think the levels are hard as I fail time and time again, but not know if it was because of my skill or because of the game’s mechanics/controls, which as a result made me frustrated at a few levels.

The combat is nice in varied with how you switch between forms to battle against different types of enemies, and while somewhat solid the controls in relation to the character’s direction isn’t that responsive, making me produce fighting errors as I try to eliminate enemies. At points in the game there would be feedback to when you hit your enemies so you’d continue to play not knowing if you’re doing any damage.

red goddess2

The story is good and the voice acting is somewhat of a charm to listen to, and while there are a couple of side quests to do in the game aside from the main one, it felt it was just a slap-on to fill in the game and adding more time to the game’s length.

Even though there’s issues with the game in almost every part of it, it has this slight charm that I can’t stay made at it. It looks good and it does have its emotional moments alongside its nice story telling and neat gameplay ideas in both combat and platforming. So at the end of it all I can say is that it’s a decent game that I like but not love.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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