Review: Niko: Through The Dream

Review: Niko: Through The Dream

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Niko: Through The Dream is one of those games that’s trying to strive for an extremely simplistic design and give a simple story alongside arguably a simple puzzles to solve. A game that reminded me a lot of Mind: Path to Thalamus but a lot more stripped down, and that isn’t bad necessarily.

A first person puzzle adventure game that’s priced at a low price of 30 bubblegum packs. At first I thought it wasn’t worth getting after playing a few minutes into it because of the problems that I had, that we’ll talk about, but upon completion I’d recommended it based on its longevity and variety, alongside it having a sense of life compared to Pneuma: Breath of Life.

The game presented a short story cut-scene in the begging with charming hand-drawn animation that somewhat sets your journey, but not necessary to the story. It did drag on a bit though. After that I’d been shown the beautiful world and took control, exploring the area and right off the bat I’d encounter a puzzle to solve.

Now the puzzles are simply to solve throughout the game till the end and not hard, although I didn’t get stuck at some points, but quickly managed to get myself unstuck and finish that puzzle. Aside from its easy puzzles, none of them are the same as each and every new puzzle is different from the last to a degree that it’s kind of fun and refreshing, always finding something new to discover and play around with.

Niko (2)

The art style and design of the game is really pretty without a doubt with its simplicity, but to me it was too simple. It needed more.. dust? Just something to give it more style or life. I like simplicity, but not to a point where the world might die out, but thankfully only some of the game’s levels feel too simple while others are fine.

The game also has character, it has life compared to others game and it does it simply by just adding a nice atmosphere, with life-beings and storytelling elements being a bonus to give the game more life.

Niko Through The Dream (6)

The only thing that I found displeasing was some structures are modeled with few polygons (that’s what they’re called right?) that it doesn’t make those models look complete, noticeable on circular/round shapes. Plus there aren’t any adjustable graphics options aside from the resolution and turning V-sync on or off. Oh, and the boss fights were kind of annoying that I didn’t really think needs to be there, but if it was needed it surely ‘needed’ more work.

For the charming story that it tells that I didn’t grasp completely, and the varied worlds and puzzles it throws at you, Niko: Through The Dream is a great game and a great purchase of the asking price. A simple game that shows you simple worlds with simple problems to solve.

For more information about the game, check out its website here.

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