Review: Mad Max

Review: Mad Max

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Mad Max is a third person action adventure, survival and combat racing open world game, set in a post-apocalyptic world where you play as Max, the man who lost it all and is engulfed in madness, and as he tried to find solace he finds himself right back into madness. Can’t everybody just leave the cool dude alone? He’s only human!

A Mad Max game developed by Avalanche Studios who you might know from their Just Cause series. A team of talented developers, where their reputation rises high in gameplay and providing a fun sandbox, but their story skills are lacking. How did they do with Mad Max? The simplest and most honest answer I can give is that it’s a great “Mad Max” game. Nothing more, nothing less.

The visuals of the game isn’t something to be excited about, just like any post apocalyptic games they have a lot of sand and rocks to look at with a pretty much a flat land, but with this game, it actually looked good because of the somewhat non-flat land and nicely placed areas that are placed all over the huge map (which you can go to). It also helps if you crank the draw-distance right up to the max. So it’s safe to say that this wasteland is an interesting wasteland to look at, and sometimes beautiful.

Mad Max 2

The story for the game isn’t all that great, but it’s good enough, and the characters while they are interesting, they seem like that they are a wasted opportunity to have a really engaging character  with an interesting backstory for them to have. Although if we’re talking about previous games from the development team, I can safely say this is the best one yet.

What really shines the game is its gameplay. The driving is solid and each car has its own handling with the amount of weight on it or how fast the turning speed is. Car combat is really fun and engaging as you enjoy smashing from one car to another (or yourself getting smashed into by other cars), harpooning someone and pulling them outside of their car, or shot gunning them down. All of which you’ll most likely see an awesome explosion.

The hand-to-hand/melee combat is also a solid one, the hits feel heavy and the dodges feel smooth, and overall a really good challenge. It uses the combat system that the Batman series uses, and feels like (you can quote me on this as much as you like) Mad Max’s Batman combat is better than Batman’s Batman combat. Yes, Mad Max out-Batman-Ed Batman.

Mad Max 3

When I started the game I felt that the driving was bad, but soon after I got used to it and realized that it was using a normal basic and somewhat  of a realistic driving system, and after a while I was happy driving in the game.

The story is there and good enough to push you forward, the open world is nicely designed and the gameplay is a king in this game. There’s also this sudden and unpredictable deadly sandstorms that come every now in then that adds of a somewhat of a dynamic life to the game. The only thing that annoyed me is that it skipped the cut-scenes immediately when pressing any button, which resulted in me skipping scenes I didn’t want to skip.

The more I played Mad Max the more I liked it, and if I wanted to play the game again then it would be just to roam around and destroying cars and bashing other people, or just cruise around with my deadly car.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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