Review: Lost Orbit

Review: Lost Orbit

  • Presentation
  • Graphics
  • Story Telling
  • Gameplay
  • Replayability

Lost Orbit is a fast paced, relaxing yet challenging Dodge’em up that’s been made by PixelNAUTS Games, where you play as an astronaut who was unfortunate enough to get stranded in space. He’s will to survive and rejoin his people is strong, and so a journey of a handful of systems starts as he wants to reach home.

On your journey to help Harrison the astronaut get back home, one that’s filled with many challenges and dangers, you meet a little friend who had been watching over you. The game has a story to tell, an adventure to give, and challenges to overcome while listening to comedic and tragic dialogue.


The game’s presentation is good with a nice simple looking UI and a clean transitions, with a nice and smooth opening scene to set the story and mood. It’s also well optimized and runs smoothly with no bugs, at least none that I’ve encountered.

The graphic / art style is really colorful and messy, but somehow neat and tidy, so it gives this really fun and alluring look, especially in some parts of the game where it would show you an amazing looking scene and sends you this message that you’re nothing in this amazing and massive universe.


Going to the sound design and music, both of them are great as the sound effects are noticeable in every action you or the environment takes, plus the ambiance when doing nothing as you fly through space is spot on and relaxing. The music is also noticeably better as it includes both exciting and relaxing songs fitting for each event you’d be at.

The story of the game is straight forward as it’s described above in the beginning, what what makes it great is the journey itself and the dialogue between the main character and his buddy, as it’s filled with a lot of questions, comedy, awkward, and tragic conversations. It’s interesting too because your buddy is an AI that’s thinking outside of his barriers from adventuring with the astronaut.


The gameplay is another great pillar the game has, where the controls are tight and the levels start off easy but gets progressively harder as you move from one system to another, also adding more new gameplay elements and challenges as you progress through the game, keeping the game refreshing most of the time

The game isn’t low on content either, and even after you finish you can play around with its time trials. Also, dying did not upset me, but but surprises me and makes me smile because of how abrupt it is and how comical comments is said to you.


The game is from start to finish a great game, with great visual designs, a nice soundtrack, fun relaxing and exciting gameplay, and an interesting story to be told, Lost Orbit is a game I’d no doubt recommend if you’d like to sit back, relax and have a fun challenge in an engaging adventure.

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