Review: Jotun

Review: Jotun

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Jotun is a beautiful hand-drawn 2D action adventure exploration game set in the Norse mythology where you play as Thora, a viking warrior who died an in-glorious death, as in she didn’t die in battle, and so she got a second chance to prove herself to the gods and impress them to enter Valhala.

The game has three main focuses from what I can tell. One is delivering a beautiful game with the hand-drawn art style, two is providing your with epic lands for you to explore and discover gorgeous vistas, and three is an making you venture through lands to which you face huge bosses for you to defeat. Raping all of them with a story for purpose and a soundtrack to convince.

One of the biggest lures of the game, if not the biggest one is its beautiful hand-drawn art-style and animation, as it delivers with its beauty in various gorgeous environments from lush green lands, to a frozen region and a heated lava land, you can’t go wrong with how gorgeous this game is.

To compliment its beauty in the visual front, you’ll be hearing its sooth and awesome soundtrack, one appropriate for each land and for each boss fight.


The game’s controls are simple, with a combat system to go along with in its simplicity. One button is your basic fast attack, another is your heavy high-damage but slow attack, and a bunch of power ups you can use in a limited portion, of which you acquire throughout your journey.

But, aside from the controls and what you get in power ups, the other main appeal for the game is its bosses and boss battles, with each boss or “Jotun” being 50 times your size, you engage in an epic battle with them trying to dodge their attacks and getting in your hits until they fall. Each boss is very different in their looks, attacks and abilities. Every boss fight is one to remember as it is without a doubt an epic battle to be in.

Jotun (2)

A great game with an art-filled gorgeous look, a soundtrack that fits well with the setting, adventure and purpose of the main character and her story, and epic boss battles that will amaze you both visually and gameplay wise. The only problems I had with the game is that sometimes some of the levels around the end of it just takes a bit too long to finish. Jotun is a beautiful game with a journey to remember. For the asking price, I wholeheartedly recommended such a great game.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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