Review: Helldivers

Review: Helldivers

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HELLDIVERS is a top-down sci-fi 4-player local and cooperative action adventure twin-stick shooter, set in a world where you’re part of an elite force called HELLDIVERS that ventures from one planet to another, defeating enemies from all over the universe to protect SUPER EARTH.

It looks more like you’re invading other planets and just mindlessly killing other creatures but whatever. This game is made by the people who brought you Magicka, so slight comical moments with hilarious friendly-fire is ensured.

There’s three different types of systems with many randomly generated levels/planets to invade by yourself or with your buddies, killing all different kinds of enemies ranging from bugs to robots.

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The game’s visuals on show is satisfying with neat texturing, great effects, with the overall design regarding the UI, characters and enemies with the levels are pleasing with how it’s simple and providing the info that you need in a clear way. The music is really good too, pumping you up to start your elite journey and kill some bugs or robots.

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The story is basically the game’s description and nothing else really. The same boat as Destiny but more interesting and entertaining. Although I’m not sure if there’s like a super twist on the story at the end if there is an end to your adventures since I couldn’t possibly finish the game regarding its venture, for myself at least, meaning there’s a lot of content to go through.

The gameplay has the same magic as was in Magicka, although instead of a combinations of spells it’s a combinations of guns, grenades, nukes, mechs, vehicles and your cooperative buddies. The gun-play feels great with the great idea of calling in supplies or completing actions and objectives by preforming a direction code sequence (up, down, left and right) which brought me back of when I was using cheat codes.

The game is really easy, then easy, then kind of hard, and and all the way up to “this-shit-is-impossible”. As you go from what system to another, you’ll see planets that you have to finish and starting small you’ll have it easy, but keep going to bigger planets and it gets harder and more challenging.

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The best way to describe the game is that it’s really awesome and really fun and it’s nothing short of that. The best way to play this game is with other people be it online or local, and you can play it alone but it’s impossible to finish planets harder than medium difficulty. So if you’re a loner, you might want to get this on sale or not at all, but otherwise go get it now and have fun!

For more information about the game, check out its steam store page here.

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