Review: Defunct

Review: Defunct

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Defunct is a third person adventure game that has a focus on flow and speed to which you’d have to master as you start traversing a post-human Earth, inhabited by robots.

You play as a broken robot who wanted to get itself fixed in a station aboard a flying cargo ship, but then it accidentally fell from the ship onto Earth and is now desperately speeding its way to get back on the ship before its too late.

You’re engines are broken and as a result its hard to traverse the lands. You’ll have to make use of your Gravitize engine to gain speed from going down a hill and not using it up-hill as it will decrese your speed. You’ll also pick up different types of speed boosts to help you along the way.

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The visuals aren’t anything to brag about, but everything from the models to texture-work to animations and effects are all on the same level, which delivers a cohesive game/world to playthrough.

The music is great but half of the time there isn’t anything playing which makes things a bit awkward, but when you do hear it fills your journey with joy and excitement. I do hope the developers address this issue as it’d be a shame not to, the soundtrack is fun!

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The story isn’t anything to admire also, but it does provide a basic incentive and reason for your actions and continued journey, and honestly that’s all the game needs in my eyes. I’d wager anything more would detract from the core focus of the game.

And that focus is the gameplay. As explained you have a broken engine so you rely on gravity and when you use your pull ability to gain momentum, and with that in mind combined with the specific level design and boosts thrown around a level, you’ll breeze through most levels if you got your timing right and have a good memory of where to go in a level, which will provide you with a lot of fun and epic jumps with a trick or two in there if you want.

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I’ve been following this game for when they first announced it. At first I thought to myself after starting the game that they screwed it up because I didn’t get a good handle on the game, but after changing the controls to make it to what we know as the usual control combinations, and getting enough experience I found myself enjoying the heck out of Defunct and re-adjusting my views to that they -in most cases- nailed it.

For more information about the game, check out its steam store page here.

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