Review: Batman: Arkham Knight

Review: Batman: Arkham Knight

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Batman: Arkham Knight is the third and last game in the Arkham series. It’s a third person action adventure RPG set in the open world of Gotham, where you have to clean up all the baddies as usual, but this time the main villains are Scarecrow and The Arkham Knight.

The story takes place a little bit after the conclusion of the previous game in the series, Arkham City, and continues the story with strong connections to it but with new elements such as the characters and plot.

One major new addition to the game is that players can finally interact and play with the iconic Batmobile and freely drive it throughout the city. But are these new additions to the game with the continuation of the story good? Yes but with a deadly stab right in the gut.

batman arkham knight

The first thing that you’ll notice is how major improvements to the game’s visuals. Great textures, amazing rain effects, an extremely detailed world that’s full of life and just an overall improvements in that aspect compared to all previous Arkham games.

Gotham (the city you play in) has never been better looking than this, capturing the feel of what we’ve known how it should be from comic and TV shows, and one could say it does it better. I honestly can’t praise the design of Gotham in this game enough, it just looks amazing and the atmosphere is just right!

batman arkham knight batmobile

The story the game provides you is without a doubt the best one yet, and without spoiling much, if you loved Arham City’s characters combined with the story directions and complications of the TV shows and comics, then you’ll absolutely love what’s in here.

Both villains, Scarecrow and The Arkham knight presents one of the biggest threats Batman has to face regarding the game’s series. Scarecrow’s ambition to engulf Gotham with his toxin, transform people’s hope into despair regarding Batman, and giving our protagonist a damn unique effect that you’ll love if you’re a fan of the series.

Regarding The Arkham Knight, he’s definitely a damn awesome ‘two’ thorn stabbed in Batman, giving him an almost impossible and irritating challenge to know who he is and how he’s on equal grounds if not better than him. Also, the twist on who AK is was unexpected and somewhat great.

The ending and conclusion of the game, the first and the second last ending might not be a satisfying or unexpected one, but it’s a perfect one fitting to Batman’s character and mindset.

Batman Arkham Knight Harley

The gameplay is the same structure as it was in previous Arkham games but over improved with nicer and faster additions to your movement, and more tools to play around with. Plus there’s the new combo buddy attack system which isn’t used much but is fun when the chance appears.

The biggest focus of this new game regarding gameplay is the addition of the Batmobile, and from the knowledge of being able to interact and actually drive the batmobile is great and a lovely addition to the game as it as part of Batman.

Controlling it is tight and smooth, going about the city at high speeds, taking a tight turn and doing flips and sh*t is fun and awesome. It also double as a highly agile tank to go up against the many tanks the game throws at you, and playing as tank or.. Batmotank? (bad pun i know) destroying other tanks is easy and simple, and gets more challenging as more come.


Overall Batman: Arkham Knight is the best Batman game in the series providing you with the best representation of the Gotham world, great characters and villains that provide a great story to remember and a great awesome fun experience with the Batmobile.

Aside from the main story missions to where you can only finish the game upon completing those missions only, there’s a lot of other side missions to finish up on and neat little stories to them, providing you with more content to play and in finish up on.

Regarding that “Deadly stab” I mentioned in the beginning, the game runs like crap at the moment, so much so that your whole enjoyment of the game is almost cut in half because of it, heck it isn’t even playable to a decent number of people. It’s a great game but I’d advise to not purchase it to at least the end of 2016 or so when “maybe” they’d optimize it more or you’d have better specs to overpower it’s bad optimizations. Buy it at your own risk after reading this.

Note: Yes, the game’s horrible performance did affect the review score.

For more information about the game, check out it’s store page here.

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