Review: Anno 2205

Review: Anno 2205

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Anno 2205 is the latest Anno game in the series. A top-down city builder and resource management game that’s set in the future where you need to establish cities on many different regions on Earth, get the right resources and upgrade then travel to the moon to establish a colony there.

This is the most advanced game in the series with multi-region management, and managing your colony on the damn Moon, but the price of this advancement is many features being removed.

Now I have to admit that I’ve only played a little bit of previous Anno games with not much or any dedications thrown to them, so my perspective would be as a, mostly, newcomer.

This has the most beautiful graphics I’ve ever seen in any city building / resource management game, even compared to all new recent releases in the genre. Great texture work, beautiful landscapes, great rendering and render distance with great models from builds to tiny items and people. Looking at your fully grown sustained city in a region is just epic.

Anno 2205 Land

What’s nice about this game compared to others in the genre, is that there’s people on the screen telling you to be awesome and epic, to reach and breakthrough the limits. The story isn’t really anything, just that you want to colonize the moon and make an infinite energy source, and there’s a bad dude you gotta fight. Screw that bad dude part, and the rest of the “Story” is just a nice boost for your to keep playing and be great.

Anno 2205 Arctic

The gameplay is real simple and smooth, and while not bad but it doesn’t have curved roads or placing buildings in a not grid angle, and not all games are like that and I like a grid system in this one. The major addition to the game is multi-region real-time management and it’s awesome! You manage one city in a region, then you go to space-view and select your other region to manage your other city, and make trades from one region to another, or from earth to the moon.

Managing resources is also simple but every time you grow your cities and advance the game. it will get more demanding and wants to consume more resources, where you’ll have to optimally place resource gather/producing structures while maintaining power and credit balance.

There’s also these special types of resources it can only be obtained by completing side missions, but half of the time it doesn’t have that unique resource, or you get it 100% of the time by finishing combat missions, and these types of missions are really basic in terms of the genre it’s coming from, and honestly they’re boring and not needed in this game but it forces you to do them to get some builds or modules running. The gist of this sentence is that combat missions are boring, not needed, and bad because of the need to finish them.

The UI is slick, fast and placed in optimal areas with no complications whatsoever, aside from want to zoom out a lot more which I couldn’t do because of the game’s limitations.

Anno 2205 Moon

Anno 2205 is a visually stunning looking game with simple city constructions and resource management, great innovative real-time multi-region management that’s really cool with smooth transitions and slick UI, and you build on the freaking moon. Really don’t like having to go into combat though.

It’s a great game for those who don’t really care much or play any of the Anno games, but it’s also somewhat of a bad sequel in the perspective of fans of the series because of a lot of missing features, mechanics and gameplay depth compared to previous games.

I’d conclude that it’s worth the asking price for new players because of it’s quality, beauty and simplicity to which hours of enjoyment entails, but not worth the price for fans of older games in the series and would see that it’s worth around 30$ to 40$. So for us it’s a great 50$ purchase.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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