QuakeCon 2015: DOOM Hands-On Impressions

QuakeCon 2015: DOOM Hands-On Impressions

Day 2 in QuakeCon 2015 and we get our hands-on Bethesda’s upcoming shooter DOOM, specifically the alpha version of the game in a multiplayer death-match mode, and we’ve played it a good full hour long.

First thing that we’ve noticed is that it felt like it was running at 30 fps, and sadly we had to use an Xbox One controller because it wasn’t pleasant playing with a keyboard and mouse at the time because of the locked frame rate and other technical issues.

There was no map or radar that could’ve seen, there was only the score on the top. So what we got from that is we’d have to memorize the map level. Keep in mind this is pre-alpha so these limitations and issues will most likely be tweaked/fixed.

Gun play feels great, and once we started killing other players there was blood everywhere and it was bloody awesome. You have your normal melee hit and an execution one where you preform a cool killing animation, and it is awesome to do and to be done upon.

There’s also double-jump in the game, and it feels heavy like Gears of War and the jump distance is small. Not feeling as quick and responsive as old DOOM or Quake as some would like but it isn’t bad. You can also grab on a ledge and go to an above platform.

There’s three preset loadouts you can choose from and two custom ones, like how Call of Duty does it for example. There’s also alternate fire modes to the guns, like for example how Rise of the Triad had 2013 does it.

There’s these unique grenades that you throw at a location of your choosing, and will create a point to where you can teleport back to no matter where you are on the level with a push of a button. It’s like the Warlock teleport ability in World of Warcraft.

Aside from gun, health and armor pickups there’s a demon-buff that let players transform into a demon upon pick up, with two rocket launchers that has unlimited ammo and it will kill a player in one direct hit of those rockets. It definitely felt very over powered. There’s a timer on it though and once that timer runs out you turn back again, but if you die while in demon form, your demon-buff drops and other players can pick it up and use up the remaining time on it.

It looks great and the gameplay is awesome, but we do hope that they optimize PC keyboard and mouse controls, maybe increase the jumping responsiveness and obviously balance some power ups and abilities, but overall it was a great game from the time we’ve played it.

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