Preview: Umbra, It’s Shiny & Interesting

Preview: Umbra, It’s Shiny & Interesting

Ever wanted a really shiny looking CryEngine powered top-down action RPG in the vein of Diablo or Path of Exile? One where you’re basically a warrior and a wizard? Use your elemental powers to your advantage, mixing them with the environment to have maximum beautiful effects? Well then this gorgeous game called Umbra is the one you were looking for.


Looking at a screenshot of the game like the one above and you say, or at least what I would say “wow, pretty!” but then actually playing it I followed what I said with “This is really shiny looking”. It’s using the CryEngine so looking gorgeous is a given, but being picky I do see that it really needs a lot of polish if I really look into it, but that’s to be expected as the build is an early pre-alpha version, way-off from release, but if I had to give anything aside from polishing it up, is to add some nice atmospheric effects ranging from ambiance sounds to visual ones to liven up the game. After that I’d say the look would be a hit.


What’s neat about the game aside from its graphics is the gameplay itself, specifically the hero you play as where you’re both a warrior and a magic user, so if you fancy one or the other or both then here’s an all in one package. But it is fun to play with two different play-styles, but what’s even nicer is that the magical attacks can be played in ways more than just dealing damage, like casting an ice AOE attack would free enemies, and at that point you’d get massive damage from hitting/slashing them with your melee weapon, possibly an instant kill. Another example is the environmental system where you can cast an electrical spell on or near a pond where the enemies are standing on top of it, at that time you would be giving out a lot of damage compared to what you would have normally done without that pond.


We only played this taste of a game with a lot of features not present and it was great, and it would be even greater once it gets polished and ready for gamers to play with all of its features that it is promising over at its Kickstarter campaign.The game is already funded  so we’ll get to see the launch hopefully within a year or two’s time.

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