Preview: Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, Of Power & Beauty

Preview: Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, Of Power & Beauty

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is Frozenbyte’s third game in the Trine series, one that is not complete at the moment as it is in Steam’s Early Access program, but it’s definitely a game worthy of getting to be the third sequel to the series.

We got a good hands-on the game and played the entirety of what’s available in this early version, and the impression that we got from it after we were done playing it is, so far so amazingly good.

The game starts off like the last two games in the series, where it’ll introduce you to the three main characters, telling you a little bit about their background and current story, and showing you how to play these characters with their own unique play-style.

Pontius the Knight is the tank character and the one who is best suited to handle enemies, a man of justice that’s not that bright. Amadeus the Wizard is the spell-caster who’ll move objects with his magic and create only boxes, he’s best suited to make make platforms and moving heavy objects around and afloat, but what he really wants is to relax. Zoya the Thief is a rather quick and agile character, takes on enemies from afar with his bow and quickly moves from one place to another with the use of her fast hands and/or feet, or swinging eloquently. She’s also likes valuable shiny items.

After getting to know the current status of these characters, learning their new abilities, I continued on my journey to save the world as a magical gem transported these three heroes elsewhere to help defeat a giant rock golem that was attacking a castle. Making my way through the area using all of my characters’ abilities and powers, I confronted the golem and defeated it. That was the main part of the earlier version of the game, and the main story ended there.

While the main story of the game ended there for the time being, they continued on adventuring while reminiscing old stories of events, where I would play as that character who would tell their story, and these events were sort of like a challenge level you’d have to go and finish it as nicely as possible, and they were fun and challenging.

The game completely ended after finishing those challenges / side-story events. I was completely satisfied and overjoyed with how the game turned out, with the overall quality tops the previous two games, in terms of graphics, design and scope. Not only that, but they also pushed the game to open a new door of possibilities by unshackling your movement from a 2D plane to an awesome 3D world, making your adventures progress in whole new directions aside from left or right.

The characters are still charming, the story is still the magical fantasy one you’ll love if you liked the first two, and the gameplay and scope of the game have advanced a lot that it earned its sequel rights. This game is a solid game on its own, and a great one of the genres that it holds.

Trine 3: Artifacts of Power is out now for the PC on Steam’s Early Access, check it out here.

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