Preview – The Bug Butcher, Love is When You Shoot Alien Bugs

Preview – The Bug Butcher, Love is When You Shoot Alien Bugs

As a child from two generations back, I used to play games like Super Pang! For hours on end as I pop every ball before the time runs out, and boy was it addicting and fun to pop those balls.

Years later, I was reminded of that same joy as I gave The Bug Butcher a shot and my memories of those wonderful times came back. A 2D action, arcade side-scrolling shooter that’s inspired by Super Pang! But modernized and with its own take on the style of gameplay.

The Bug Butcher 2

The game is set in a sci-fi world where you play as the “Bug Butcher” also known as the pest control guy. You go to this science lab where alien bugs roam it and endangers the scientist that work there, to which they hire you to exterminate them, and the way you do so is with your trusty gun.

As you go in and start the game, you’ll see these horrible looking yet alluring alien bugs spawn as they bounce all over the place and try to squash you or sometimes shot acid at you, so you’ll have to dodge their attacks from going either left or right and on the way try to shoot and exterminate them. The thing is, one big bug dies 3 or more small ones come out.

There’s a whole variety of bouncy alien balls to shoot at, with their own looks and abilities to deal with. There’s also the job of keeping your employer from being sucked-up and eaten by a certain scientist-loving alien. To do your job you have your never disappointing alien-killing rifle, with sometimes getting special power-ups like fire bullets or big-ass lasers or freezing everyone in their place.

The Bug Butcher 3

The game looks visually pleasing with their art-style and animation, the gameplay is fun and addicting backed up with its content and variations. The Bug Butcher is a modern revival of a genre that’s been gone for generations now.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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