Preview: Technobabylon, A Central Conspiracy To Uncover

Preview: Technobabylon, A Central Conspiracy To Uncover

Technobabylon is Wadjet Eye’s next quality game in their amazing productions of pixelated 2D point-and-click adventure games, one of which is set in the near future where genetic engineering is normalized, an addictive Trance has replaced almost any need for human interaction, and an omnipresent AI named ‘Central’ powers the city.

We were fortunate enough to get early hands on a short demo of the game to give our thoughts on it, and since this is a heavily story-based game, we’ll take mostly about how it compares to previous titles from its publisher.


Starting the game I was presented with a beautiful animated main-menu over-viewing the city at night, one that I’d be playing in, combined with a soothing entrancing soundtrack, setting the scene for what’s to come.

Going into the game, I was looking at a man standing on the edge of a bridge looking at a nice view, then he turned around to call a mysterious female character where they started to talk about some sort of plan, one that would not go wrong as he said “Because I’ve been planing this for years”.

Now I’m in a different location, in a virtual word of some sort where a colorful character appears to be floating and in trance with the world that she’s in, talking about how the future is just fantastic and everybody should accept it or be crushed by it, but even this wonderful world she’s in is reliant as on the physical world to operate, as a disconnection might happen and it did, losing her connection and falling off from her trance, saying that she needs to go back to the real world to see what’s wrong, and finally having control I opened a menu and clicked on an item that would boot me from this virtual world, going to a messy apartment.


After attempting to open the door of her apartment, she quickly noticed that she is locked in her room with no exit, she was a little panicked at that point and sought to try and find a way out. Getting back in control again, I continued to click everything I can to see what kind of interesting dialogue or actions might appear. After a few clicks here and there, being introduced to funny and interesting characters and game mechanics, solving one puzzle after another, I finally found a way out of the apartment, but just before she grabs the nob to open the door, the game switched to another scene where I would go through a different journey, one that’s set back a few days probably before playing with the future embracing woman.


Now I’m playing with a pair of detectives, an old man with old fashions and ways of how to deal with things, and a young woman with a modern look at things, it seems like this is a good mix to go with because of the deferment perspective they both have but with similar goals, and they are a good pair as their conversations with each other never ceased to keep me amused, more so with a third character tagging along which is an Artificial Intelligence that plays the role of an omnipresent to a degree, always observing the city and analyzing everything and connecting data/info with each other for a conclusion to an action.

The cases that these pair have to investigate go from murder cases, to handling a suicide bombing situation, but it all connects to a single big case of a ‘mind jacker’ or mind hacker, that steals a whole persons memories in his/her mind but leaving them dead in the process.


From talking to cooking machines with an anime-like character, a Knight from the medieval era as an anti-virus software, and a robotic synthetic maid that has a lot of blood on her hands. But on a different matter, one of the detectives gets blackmailed to do some unlawful favors, one of which is getting a bomb and place it inside an apartment, one that’s directly above the apartment of the first character we played with, the future loving woman.

This is most likely the connecting point of these three main characters, where as I (playing control of one of the detectives) prepare the bomb and place it inside the apartment and leave, the camera slides down to the apartment below where the first character is trying to leave, the game ends as she walks out of her department building, one where an implied bomb is a millisecond away from exploding above her, leaving me in suspense state as the game’s logo appeared, telling me it’s release date, May 2015.

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