Preview: Rise & Shine, It Has A Lot of Awesome Stuff To Like

Preview: Rise & Shine, It Has A Lot of Awesome Stuff To Like

I’ve been following Rise & Shine for some time now, as it caught my attention with that screenshot below, and a few months later I got the opportunity to play an early demo of it and oh boy was I happy to get that chance. So, here’s my thoughts playing a small section of the game. Spoilers: It’s looking really good!

rise and shine 2

From starting the demo til the end of it, it’s filled with beautifully made art and visual effects with a lot of nicely leveled lighting and fun animations. But what takes the cake with in terms of how it looks, aside from the fun death animations and gore, is the level design and how it looked with the inclusion of many references from other games that filled me with joy and my face looking like ( XD ).

Most of the game’s story, setting and time, characters and even animations have a story to tell from gaming’s history. Don’t know if the whole game is like this upon release, but I do hope that’s the case. Heck it even gives you reasons for your respawn after death, and even how you’re a kid that’s killing enemies 50 times stronger than you.

rise and shine 1

While venturing through the game, admiring and appreciating all of its visual design, i’d come to poured some of those compliments to its gameplay too and the enemies that you’d fight. The controls and overall gameplay was amazing when thinking of great precise platforms or shooters, but was great enough for any to pick up and play, and enjoy the game but still provide a heavy amount of challenge, somewhat reminiscent of classical challenges like what’s found in games like Mega Man.

But it’s only hard if you’re quick with your action and taking the initiative regarding your encounters, finishing them off quickly but still studying what their pasterns are, that’s what I’ve noticed with it at least. You’ll definitely die a lot if you aren’t ‘quickly’ smart about what’s to come, and it’s kind of enjoyable! Aside from just shooting enemies, there’s a few puzzles in each level, safe and non-safe ones, that require the help of your gun where you take control of a bullet. Won’t say much but the two types of puzzle-solving that they have were quite enjoyable.

Rise & Shine, probably one of the best games to make sense of being a game while still being solid in its world and story, is a game to have on your radar to check out once it is released.

For more information about the game, check out its Steam store page here.

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