Preview: Reflections, A Charming Experience Filling Your World With Meaningful Colors

Preview: Reflections, A Charming Experience Filling Your World With Meaningful Colors

Reflections is a game that was revealed out of nowhere by Broken Window Studios, soon after their Kickstarter success, Grave. It’s described as a real-world adventure game where every action you take has meaningful consequences that radically shape the experience. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the game in its early alpha stage, to give our thoughts on it and see how the game is shaping up.

Upon launching and starting a new game, I was presented with a choice of two, asking “Who are you currently involved with?” then came another two choicer, with a question “Who were you previously involved with?” and so I answered, somewhat setting up the structure of my past and current story, as the character I’ll be playing as.


Then the game started, with the camera going down gently as it is looking at a neighborhood, one of which without color and little life, panning in to a certain house, one of which the character I’m playing as lives in. As the game finally let me take control and play it, I found myself in a bedroom, still colorless, looking at a desk under a few windows with a view of a landscape filled with trees and sunshine going through those windows, setting the scene as nicely as it can, and it did.

As I moved towards the desk, the character spoke (in text) saying what he must do, which is collecting his papers and file them. Having that in mind, I continued to interact with the environment, opening closet doors, turning a lamp on, opening drawers, switching the lights on, finding items like the papers I need to collect to finish my supposed, but not imposed, objective, but as I interact with the environment, the moment that I interact with an object, it turns from black and white, to be filled with colors fitting its design, giving me a sense of one who sends life to the lifeless, and as more objects get colored, the whole area of where I was, which is the bed room, suddenly filled everything with color, as if that room came back from the world of the undead, flourishing with life, it was amazing to see.


Coming out of the bedroom,I see the house being as colorless as the previous room, and so I anxiously went ahead and tried to interact with anything I can get to click on, to fill the objects in the area I was in with color and life, it was exciting and wonderful to see. As I go on with my coloring spree, I found a music disc in a drawer where I thought to my self that I could play it and hear what it had to offer. Going down stairs to see if there was a music player, there was young woman or a teenager standing in the living room, taken by surprise to see someone other than myself, I approached her curiously to see what would happen next, she then started to talk. I won’t say what she talked about as it might be spoilers, but it was a nice chat with a charming looking character. Behind her on the living room table, there was the music player I had been looking for where I continued to approach it to place the dis on it. Once placed, music started emitting from it, ever increasing my enjoyment of exploring the house I’m coloring, and finding different music discs to listen to, most of them were nice to listen to.


Aside from just click objects to color them, you would also have to solve some simple puzzles like fixing the sink, where you have to find some pipes and place them in the correct area, once fixed you would get it working and colored, another example is making one simple basket ball hoop/goal, just simple tasks other than just click-interactions that you would have to do to get it successfully colored, and they’re fun and neat to do.

As time passes by, the sun going down, a beautiful moon rising up, and most of what I had to do is done and colored, I went outside to go into my car, the preview of the game ended. That was a sad moment because I would have liked to play more of it, playing through it and doing simple activities that gave an immense reward was just joyful. I wasn’t sure if the build had all the features of its interesting Storyteller System, which is worth mentioning that coloring objects was part of that system, I just simply could grasp its effectiveness/function, but let’s just say that was for the best. Hopefully we’ll get to try it later and understand it more when the game is in its finished state upon release.


Reflections is definitely a game to look out for, as it’s coming out this year in May for the PC, and summer 2015 for PS4 and XB1, having a price label of 15$ on launch, but 10$ before then. You can find more info for the game here.

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