Preview: Poly Bridge, It’s The Bridge Construction Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Preview: Poly Bridge, It’s The Bridge Construction Game You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s another bridge construction game, but it’s a freshly baked one that you’d smell it once it was out of the oven, running towards it as you were unknowingly craving for that kind of game in that genre, but you didn’t know you desired it until a really good one came out, and Poly Bridge is that one.

The game captured my attention when I only saw a screenshot of it, looking simple and interesting is what it took to allure me. Upon getting my hands on the game and playing a few levels constructing bridges to safely move a truck or a car from point A to point B, or seeing my bridge crumble hilariously to pieces as it couldn’t handle the wait or my construction didn’t make any sense, it was entertaining to watch even if I failed at it.

poly bridge

Aside from having a lot of content to play with, and a lot more starting from its release to an never ending date because of its level editor and Steam Workshop support, the game’s main amazing factors are two: The beautiful graphical and art design, and it’s fun realistic yet arcade-feeling physics-based gameplay.

I’ve played a handful of bridge construction games over the years, and I can definitely say with confident that Poly Bridge is the best one out of its genre. At least from what I can tell.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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