Preview: ORBITOR, A Beautifully Relaxing Yet Fun & Exciting Game

Preview: ORBITOR, A Beautifully Relaxing Yet Fun & Exciting Game

ORBITOR was around a long time ago when it was first announced, a few years back actually, and they had a demo for it and it below everyone away with how unique and fun the gameplay was, but specifically how gorgeous it looks. After the demo came out nobody really heard much about it since then, until now.

It’s a top-down gravity based adventure/exploration have where you go from one solar system to another, trying to destroy gravity machines because they’ll destroy the universe if you don’t. That’s the setting/story the game has for you, and my thoughts on it is that cool, there’s a reason for doing what I’m doing and I’m satisfied with it.

So what you actually do in the game is you circle these machines, some are small and small are big, and there’s this really big one that you’ll get to circle around it only when you’ve destroyed most of the small and big machines, and once you destroy the really big one it’ll shoot out an energy ball that you’ll have to catch in-order to proceed to the next level.

A simple idea but a really fun and exciting one, it’s easy to get into as the developer describes and that’s true, but instead of being hard to master it’s actual really fun to master. Just an overall solid gameplay with great control.


Moving over the the big and obvious thing to talk about, the game’s visuals and they’re so damn beautiful I’m in disbeife. Its effects and animations as you move around and interact with what’s in its space, and the top-down perspective that it holds you’d be surprised that most of it is in 2D with as little 3D models as possible.

But beauty only holds half of the packed, and what makes it a full one is a fitting soundtrack to coincide with its beauty, and the game has it and it’s as wonderful and greatly fitting to what is presented visually.

Orbitor 2

It’s still in Steam Early Access with only a handful of levels, but what’s there is amazing and the ORBITOR’s construction is of high creative level both artistically and gameplay-wise. What’s to come looking at the trailer and the screenshots seem like a wonderful edition that I can’t wait to see, play and listen.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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