Preview: Ninja Pizza Girl, A Parkour Pizza-Delivering Extravaganza

Preview: Ninja Pizza Girl, A Parkour Pizza-Delivering Extravaganza

Do you like how awesome a pizza is? The excitement of parkouring? How about a teenage ninja girl? If the answer is yes then check out Ninja Pizza Girl, a 2.5D pizza-delivering platforming parkour game where you have to deliver pizzas to customers as fast as possible. But if you can’t check it out, then I’ll do it myself and tell you how it is.

Ninja Pizza Girl (1)

The first thing I’d come to like upon starting the game is the story-telling and its art style. The dialogue is simple, easy and fun to read alongside how it’s presented with nicely hand-drawn characters. Once you finish a level/pizza-delivery you’d get this comic style cut-scene and it’s even more enjoyable to read/watch.

Ninja Pizza Girl (2)

The gameplay is fun and smooth with a long of various animations to coincide with your parkouring platforming action, with the controls being not so tight and sometimes annoying with how certain moments don’t give you that ‘click’ feeling so its hard to know when you’r executing an action in terms of normal platforming or face-jumping on bullies face’s.

As such the momentum unsatisfying breaks alongside the nice music it has when you do have speed for a while.

Ninja Pizza Girl (3)

It’s in Steam’s Early Access at the moment, meaning that its still in alpha/beta, so there bound to be issues to be solved and parts of the game to be polished. So just to sum up my problems with it, thinking that it probably won’t get more refined than it already is, the character models could use a bit of more work put into them and making the environment feel a bit more lively using other effects or something, rather than just having colorful neon lighting.

A much tighter control system is needed and a much wider field of vision so you’d see and react accordingly when you’re landing from a higher distance. The visual issues I have might not get work, but I do hope the controls and FOV gets polished and tweaked to making the experience less annoying.

But overall it’s a good small indie game with a nice cartoon style story telling with a cheerful, funny and a bit sad story to tell.

For more information about Ninja Pizza Girl, check out its store page here.

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