Preview: LIGHT FALL, A Fun Platformer That Has Interesting Characters With Great Story-Telling

Preview: LIGHT FALL, A Fun Platformer That Has Interesting Characters With Great Story-Telling

LIGHT FALL, a beautiful platformer that adds its own somewhat unique mechanic to the genre, set in the world of Numbra that’s art-filled in design along side its characters, which on their own adds a lot of charm to the game.

I was interested in the game because of how it looked and sounded in its trailers and gameplay videos, but didn’t quite get grabbed by it until I got my hands on it and played on my PC, at which point I was happy of how the game actually played out and what an experience I got from it.

What struck me at first in the begging of the play session was the quality of the narration and how it sounded like the begging of a wonderful and mysterious fantasy story, and you know it’s going to be good.

The second thing that struck me of being great is the controls alongside the animations, but talking about the controls first, it’s tight and solid as it also has a nice momentum system with a smooth start and stop motion, and mixed with the great fluid animations that syncs perfectly with your movement, gives great enjoyment to the gameplay and great pleasure to the eyes.

The platforming is nice with the level design being a good greenlight, jumping from one platform to another, nice and tight wall jumping, nothing to brag about aside from their added edition of having the ability to create your own platform. While at first it was weird to control as you create it in mid air in most cases, I managed to cope with it, but I wouldn’t mind a little bit more fine tuning to it which I’m will happen without a doubt.

Overall the game is solid from playing the short preview build of it, the presentation, animations, gameplay, art and narration is great. I definitely want to play the game again when it launches, especially hearing the soundtrack they’re making for the game in it, it’s fantastic.

LIGHT FALL is currently trying to acquire funding for the development costs of finishing the game, so help where you can on its Kickstarter page here.

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