Preview: Layers of Fear, A Fantastically Crazy Trip

Preview: Layers of Fear, A Fantastically Crazy Trip

Now I don’t usually play horror games, and the ones that I’d play would be really high quality in terms of its production values and with genuine clean horror that’s not cheap. Games like Amnesia: The Dark Decent, Outlast and the now lost legend P.T. . So looking at Layers of Fear, checking out the trailers, screenshots and reading the description conveyed to me that it fit the bill. So I gave it ago and what I got is what the doctor ordered as some would say.

A first person horror/thriller game set in a world where you play as a painter/artist who lost his two nuts (and by two nuts i mean mind) because *story reason* and so the journey starts to try and find his.. peace of mind if I understood it correctly.

The game start with the man that I would play as talking to himself, pissed at the current conditions he’s in and at the events he’s in the middle of that I wouldn’t much know about, and then the game starts letting me explore a lovely house filled with hand-crafted detailed that looks absolutely beautiful and just filled with a really immersive atmosphere that you’ll just gobble up.

It’s normal for the most part, telling me to find a key on my desk and so I go get it and enter my ‘special room’ that my character cares so much about. That room is just a mess as I enter it, and there was a painting covered with a piece of cloth that I continued to remove. Once the cover was removed, the insanity began.


Now I don’t want to say anything about the crazy experience that I had from playing it after the painting was revealed, as I believe this game needs to experienced and not spoiled both in story and especially in gameplay (even though there’s a gameplay video, but you get what I’m trying to say here). But what I’ll do say to somewhat give you an idea, it has the production quality and craziness just below P.T. , gameplay interactions like Amnesia and Gone Home, and a heavier atmosphere than Outlast. It even has a major inspirational scene in it extremely similar to P.T. that you’ll remember right away if you’ve played it.


It’s top-quality in terms of its production and in its gameplay elements, playing in horror/thriller genre in its highest mode with no cheap scares that doesn’t make any sense, but within the bounds that it’s set in. A game about an artist/painter, and Layers of Fear is a work of art worth checking out.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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