Preview: Jotun, A Beautiful Hand-drawn Adventure To Valhalla

Preview: Jotun, A Beautiful Hand-drawn Adventure To Valhalla

Jotun, a beautifully hand-drawn 2D action adventure, the beauty of a game, where you play as a Norse warrior named Thora, who died an inglorious death, and so she has to prove herself to the gods that she is worthy of entering Valhalla by overcoming the challenges that are set for her in the journey she must take.

We managed to get our hands on the game to check it out, and the sum of this preview is that the game is extremely beautiful and one that plays really great. But on to the long version.

Just looking at a still screenshot you can tell that it’s a beautiful game, and then seeing the game in motion makes the game look gorgeous. The art style, animations and effects are without a doubt of top hand-drawn quality we’d ever seen.

Not only does it look good, but it sounds great too! The sound effects breathes life to this art-filled world that the developers have created, alongside it is an amazing soundtrack that immerses you right into that world as you venture through it. Lastly, in terms of sounds, the voice acting with the Norse language is damn good and beautiful.

As you explore this beautiful world, you’ll encounter challenges that have to be overcome in order to progress through the game, one of which is finding shrines to get blessings from the gods and receive the power needed for your journey and for the toughest challenges. Sometimes getting these powers are not a simple task as nature is at times harsh and you’d have to push through it in order to get these blessings.

Each world has its own overwhelmingly powerful beings called Jotun that you would have to defeat. You would face them after completing their worlds and getting the powers and blessing from these worlds. Fighting these Jotun is without a doubt fun and exciting, with each their own type of attacks and environment, you would have to keep clear of these attacks and take the chance when presented and strike back. Little by little you’d finish the fight victorious after studying the Jotun and keep wary of their actions.

Jotun is worthy of all praise for all of its features and genres its tackling, and seeing how this preview that I’ve played is only a taste of what’s to come, then the month it will release in will be a beautiful one.

The game is coming out for the PC this fall 2015, and if you want to know more information about it, take a look at its website over here.

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