Preview: Iron Fish, It’s Cozy But The Bed is Rough

Preview: Iron Fish, It’s Cozy But The Bed is Rough

We got the opportunity to check out a small preview of Iron Fish, a first person exploration adventure thriller game that’s set deep under the scary seas. It’s a pretty early build of the game so it was hard to see what the game will bring to the table, but we’ve a nice idea of it after some good time with it.

iron fish (4)

The graphics are good with an atmosphere that makes you feel uneasy about your venture which is kind of nice. The nice dense waters with low to medium visibility, nice sound effects coming from the fish’s movements and your own. The game’s world design and feeling was built nicely.

iron fish (2)

Alongside the world’s design comes the narrative-focused story which adds a lot of immersion to your thrilling adventure, giving you a objectives of interest and a vague story that tenses you up with its progression.

iron fish (3)

The last bit I want to talk about is the gameplay to which I’d say is fine but it’s not. The problems currently with it is that the speed and pace of the controls and movement in general is just so slow and clunky that it hinders the whole great experience the game shines in. I know that this is an extremely early build, but to not mention it is bad practice for all parties.

Aside from the game’s controls and pace, the game shines in the aspects that they’ve described the game as, but those great aspects won’t lure players if the developers won’t heavily tweak the game’s pace and fine-tune the controls. Great potential in place and locked, to which we’d see if it’s unlocked when the game comes out.

For more information about the game, check out the game’s website here.

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