Preview: Infinity: Battlescape, Already A Great Space Game To Compare

Preview: Infinity: Battlescape, Already A Great Space Game To Compare

We were fortunate enough to check out and play Infinity: Battlescape at our leisure, playing the prototype version that is, and what we saw and played is exactly what we’ve seen in the trailers, a huge world with beautiful visuals and a exciting scenarios, but we’ve discovered something more.

Now it’s no mystery that it really looks like Elite Dangerous in terms of its general look, but mix that with what we’ve seen with No Man’s Sky’s procedural generation (not the same tech but similar on the outside) and you get this, an awesome space game that takes the quality from both worlds and for me it leaves the bad factors from at least one of the games.

Infinity Battlescape

What I mean is that for one, it has a third person perspective option and that’s been cried out for in request in Elite Dangerous. I can finally see my damn ship in all it’s glory in this game (i know it’s only one ship so far but still awesome).

The controls are smooth as butter and it doesn’t fight with you like fighting with an stubborn hippo, it’s a damn joy just controlling it. And regarding controls, the key placements for each control function makes so damn sense that I was in shock for about 5 minutes.

Infinity Battlescape 2

Lastly, going from one location to another that’s really far away isn’t a boring endeavour, it’s fast and as a result not boring me to death compared to ED, and I hope it stays that way.

Infinity: Battlescape is the cooler more exciting and fun to be around with younger brother of ED, and it’s pals with No Man’s Sky. That’s the best way I could think of to describe this nice space game, and I can’t wait to play the fully developed version of it once it’s out.

For more information about the game, check out its Kickstarter page here.

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