Preview: Gunnheim, Electro-Metal Vikings With Guns Are Awesome

Preview: Gunnheim, Electro-Metal Vikings With Guns Are Awesome

Gunnheim is a top-down co-op shooter with nice and colorful low-(medium?)-poly graphics/art-style, and you play as one of 4 Vikings that are equipped with a gun / assault rifle killing creatures and trying to to die from friendly-fire or falling off a cliff.

To give the game more sugar you’ll be listening to an electro-metal sound track, although I’m not sure about the “electro” part as I don’t usually listen to it, but I am sure of the metal part because it’s so metal.

We got the aesthetic down and the music, but how’s the gameplay? well it’s fun shooting creatures with a viking buddy in online coop, getting friendly fire and killing ourselves with varying weapons that drop from killing creatures, ranging from laser rifles to rocket launchers to a f*cking nuke launcher!


Aside from the fact that all of the guns feel awesome with noticeable feedback, the game has levels where there are no invisible walls and if you go past a cliff, well.. You fall and die. That’s kind of neat as it gives you more tension to be more careful where you walk. Plus, there’s this dash you’d use to avoid enemy attacks, or to be used to go from one ground to another if there’s a pit of death in-between.

Now, while the game is awesome, it does have its cons at its current state. All the cons are most likely being worked on. The music is great, but there’s only two tracks, and one of them is only for the main menu. So more metal music tracks and maybe a boss exclusive track would really keep the game refreshing.

The enemies don’t have much sound effects to them aside from a very small sound of death scream/splatter, and they don’t make any sound at all in terms of their movement or attacks. Maybe if they a “gr rir gr” kind of sound then that would make it better, multiplied if more than one. It would also be nice if the main characters would talk every now and then when certain events or actions happen, like getting friendly-fired would trigger “watch it you lump of meat” replied with “my bad!”.

One last thing the game needs is more enemy variations and fun levels, alongside higher difficulty options with more exciting boss battles.

Gunnheim 1

The game is great and these cons, which are mostly related to music and sound effects, are just visible because of its alpha state and I’m sure it will be worked upon.

Check out Gunnheim at its store page on Steam Early Access.

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