Preview: Featherpunk Prime, Gun Wielding Robo-Flamingos Are Awesome

Preview: Featherpunk Prime, Gun Wielding Robo-Flamingos Are Awesome

We got the chance to play an early demo of a 2D action adventure twin-stick platforming shooter called Featherpunk Prime developed by Super Hatch Games, which is a game about being a robotic space flamingo with a bunch of flamingo-robo abilities like boosting through the air, grinding along platforms or sticking on walls.. etc. You also get a small droid-dude that gives you a range of weapons as you venture through levels.

The major thing to talk about in this kind of game aside from its beautiful and unique art style that I really dig (although I kind of miss how the colors looked when they’ve announced the game) is the gameplay, which is really nice as the controls are smooth but an odd but manageable control-layout, mixed with good level designs from what we’ve played so far that’s complimented with good enemy variation and difficulty management. It is a challenging game and the bosses are a fun challenge, not so hard to push you away from it but one that you’d continue getting better at on a good pace with the increase in challenge.

The slice of what I played felt great and gave me a really awesome impression of the game, and while the gameplay is enjoyable (wouldn’t mind a more customizable experience regarding button layout) the core allure of the game is its solid character designs, art direction and how everything animates and bends so well with each other.

[Gameplay Video Soon]

Check out the game’s website for more information about it. You can also download the alpha demo that we’ve played here. [There’s also some notes that we’d advise you to read if you decide to play the demo]

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