Preview: Energy Hook, Like A Delicious Yet Undercooked Pizza

Preview: Energy Hook, Like A Delicious Yet Undercooked Pizza

From the creator of the legendary fun swinging mechanic that a lot of gamers like from the Spider-Man 2 game, Jamie Fristron brings us a new game based on that swinging mechanic and it’s called Energy Hook.

Set in a futuristic setting, Energy Hook is a third-person arcade-like exploration game filled with challenges to overcome using the game’s main mechanic, swinging from one point to another using an Energy Hook device on your arm, a Jetpack that gives you a good boost and your Parkour moves.

Energy Hook 1

Now what I mean about the game being “like a delicious yet undercooked pizza” is that I can see how fun this can be because of the moments of joy I’ve felt every now and then while playing the game, but it needs a lot of tweaking in all of its gameplay elements, and it’s great that it’s in Steam Early Access because player feedback is a must in its current state.

To start it off, here’s my quick feedback. The running needs to be more responsive with much shorter delay and ‘float-y’ feeling, at least when running on a flat surface. The swing itself needs to be longer or shorter depending on the situation/position the character is in, and the hook/hooking part (where the character hooks on to a ledge or ceiling) needs to be always connecting to an object instead of having it where you can’t connect and fall even though you’re somewhat around buildings.

Energy Hook 3

These are just some quick thoughts on the game to hopefully help make it better, but it would take many gamers to provide feedback to perfect the gameplay. Having that said the game has its fun moments with new mechanics into the swinging genre like boosting and running on walls that’s dependent on your momentum.

Energy Hook will bring your childhood joy when near gameplay perfection is at hand, and if you’re a fan of Jamie’s work, then I’d presume you’d like to have a helping hand with developing his new game. Help make this pizza better!

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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