Preview: C-Wars, Pixel Action Beauty

Preview: C-Wars, Pixel Action Beauty

C-Wars was a sort of a surprise to me, it’s a 2D anime retro theme pixilated rogue-like game with fast-paced action combat set in a sci-fi world.

Now at first from looking at the gameplay trailers I was confused of not knowing if the game’s combat was real-time or turn-based, but after giving it a shot and trying it out it quickly became apparently that it was real-time combat but set in a block-based battlefield system.

c-wars shot 1

That’s what’s interesting about this game in terms of gameplay, is its unique, or not-seen much, combat system where it takes its real-time action and placing it into a finely tuned turn-based like a battleground, which is kind of neat and refreshing to play.

You have a handful of characters to play with their own unique weapons, play-styles and stats, going up to a variety of muted creatures with their own different attack types and stats.

Aside from the game’s great gameplay mechanics, the pixel art-style in the game is beautiful and the animations are smooth and visually fulfilling to the eyes with nicely crafted characters and creatures.

c-wars shot 2

C-Wars is a great and well-crafted game that deserves your attention and playtime as it’s on Steam Early Access for an extremely low price point which I think is worth getting for that price.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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