Preview: ARK: Survival Evolved, Best Survival & Dinosaur Game

Preview: ARK: Survival Evolved, Best Survival & Dinosaur Game

That comment in the title is not thrown out so easily. I’ve played most worthwhile survival games out there since it somewhat sprouted interest in Minecraft, then boomed, starting with the DayZ mod for Arma 2, and from then on we have seen a lot of survival open world games of all kinds, but ARK: Survival Evolved is one that has a clear road that its walking on with a focused objective to reach the end of that road to earn its “Survival Evolved” subtitle.

To adjust what I said a bit, it’s the best dinosaur game and I’ll stick to that claim, and the best survival game at the moment, one that can become the best survival game with a few tweaks and balancing. Now to go on talking about why those claims are written.

ARK Survival Evolved (1)

Firstly, it doesn’t look like crap or look good, it looks fabulous. While the character creation might say otherwise depending on how you’d want to make your character, ARK is the best looking game I’ve seen that’s in the genre of a survival game. It just simply looks gorgeous, and not only in terms of a sweet tooth for just visually looking good, the design of the world is varied and tastefully alive and not just a flat land with a few bushes here and there. No. The design is what you’d somewhat expect out of how a real life beautiful terrain would look like, filled with life and beauty.

ARK Survival Evolved (6)

You can’t just have good looks without good sound, and ARK surely delivers on that front too. You hear the ocean moving with the wind, sound emitting from trees as they dance with the wind, the screams of courage or fear from the animals you’ll encounter, and the fantastical music that goes along with all of those beautiful sounds.

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You chop a tree to get some wood, some rocks, plants and whatever else to start crafting your tools and clothes, like in Rust or Minecraft, but aside from little nice tweaks to those systems, it excels at giving you amazing and rewarding progression that non of the other survival games provide. The inclusion of RPG elements like a leveling system where you get points to increase a stat of your choosing, getting points upon leveling to unlock certain creations to build and use in the game, raids/dungeons and an overall multi-layered goal to achieve.

ARK Survival Evolved (2)

The only problem I’ve encountered that I’ve continually hated is the extreme difficulty to find the loot you’ve lost somewhere in the world after you’ve died. While it may be part of the game and it was developed in such a way, it is just frustrating not being able to find your loot. Also the obvious work needed to optimize the game to get a better performance.

ARK Survival Evolved (4)

ARK: Survival Evolved, is definitely a game to keep an eye on and one that to look forward to if you want something more than your average DayZ/Rust clone. If it comes out at the promised year with the tweak and polish that it needs, and more content in for its environmental and its RPG sections at a concurrent high quality, then it will be the best dinosaur and open world survival game to ever come out of development. Also, it’s worth noting that this can be completely played by yourself in offline mode, it definitely can be played as a single player game online or online coop, and that’s really awesome.

For more information about the game, check out its store page here.

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