Planetary Annihilation: Titans Announced and Released With Confusion & Rage

Planetary Annihilation: Titans Announced and Released With Confusion & Rage

Uber Entertainment announced Planetary Annihilation: Titans, a standalone version of the main game with improvement updates and added unites. On the cover it says that this is the improvement that the main game needed and that they’ve worked on for 10 months and now they have released it.

But, instead of patching the main game and having the new content as paid DLC for it, they’ve released a whole new game with those improvements and content updates that’s only purchasable separately even if you have the main game.

Those who backed the game on Kickstarter will get this new version of the game for free, to those who bought it at any price after the kickstarter through their website or Steam Early Access before it fully launched, will have to buy it at fully price if they can’t buy it within the promotion time frame which sets the game price from 40$ to 13.60$ which ends on the 18th of October 2015. So after that, even if you have Planetary Annihilation, you’ll have to pay 40$ for this new expandalone.

Looking at the forums and fan reactions, alongside backers they’re really pissed and feel extremely ripped off. We don’t know the meat of things regarding from when the Kickstarter launched and now with this new version of the game, but from the outer look of things, the fans and backer’s rage is understandable.

One user asks the developers  “Will” the promotional sale “exist forever, or until the listed 18th October?” then one of the developer replies with “Due to how discounts are handled on Steam, it’s only until October I’m afraid”. Implying that they wanted to keep the sale on forever, or at least much longer, but could because of how Steam does things.

The gist of it, the developers made PA, and then after 11 months they’ve release PA:T which is the same game as PA but better and with more content and they’ve released it at hefty price. Those who backed on Kickstarter aren’t complaining for themselves but for those who bought the game on Early Access when it launched at a price point of 90$, Early Access purchasers being pissed they have to buy a better version of a game that they own for 40$ after a certain time-frame .

Plus another thing to point out, this definite version of the main game is being sold, so why keep selling the first version? It just doesn’t make sense and some one might buy the same but old version, not knowing there was a 1.5 version so they’ll have to buy it again.

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